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The Space Invader
August 7, 2010 | Filed Under: art, Exhibit, Music | Submit Comment

A few months ago, as I was wondering the streets of New York City, I stumbled upon an art exhibit called ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, organized by No Longer Empty at the old Tower Records store on Broadway. All of the art was inspired by music and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. But there was one artist in particular who really BLEW my mind. He is French and goes by the name of Invader. He recreated album artwork using Rubik’s cubes. Yes! I kid you not. Check out the photos above that I took at the show of The Clash cover. If you squint you can see it a little clearer.

RUBIKCUBISM: Early 21st-century movement in fine art which use Rubik’s cubes to create pieces of art. This movement is believed to be originated by a French artist known as Invader.

This guy has since become one of my favorite artists. Check out the video below, where he shows us how it’s done:

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He also travels the world, creating little mosaics, that look like arcade game figures in different cities. Next time you’re in Paris or Bangkok try searching for one. It’s like a treasure hunt 🙂

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