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Photo Exhibit: Nadia Natario “Recuerdos De Lusitania”
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If you happen to be in Barcelona and have a love for photography, great wine or delicious Portuguese pastries, drop by ‘A CASA PORTUGUESA’ on VERDI 58 in Gracia. Tonight at 20:00h is the inauguration of my new photo exhibit “RECUERDOS DE LUSITANIA”, a very personal body of work dedicated to my father; an exceptional Portuguese, who since his childhood lived a nomadic life style. He was a very cultured and intellectual man. After spending a lifetime moving from country to country, his greatest desire was to return to his roots, but he passed away unexpectedly, just before he was able to fulfill his wish. This exhibit is an homage to Luis Fernando Natario and a Portugal more idyllic than real, to which he always wanted to return.




Photo Exhibit “Miradas” at Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo Gallery
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The exhibition includes the work of five artist (myself included), who illustrate though their unique vision, their personal perception of urban spaces in big cities around the world. “Miradas” reveals those spaces and objects that can be found in our city, but that our eyes may miss and wants us to observe the important contemporary changes occurring around us.

If you’re in town, make sure to drop by tonight!! The exhibit will be on from the 19th of January until the 19th of February, Tuesday to Friday 17:30-20:30 and Saturday 11:00-13:30

For more info go to:



Lets Be Zombies!
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Artificial Intelligence is the chosen poster theme for the 44th edition of the Sitges Film Festival, a photograph of two Japanese androids; a tribute to the 10th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s ‘A.I- Artificial Intelligence’. The festival began this weekend and will be screening 270 of the world’s best fantasy and horror films and sold a record of almost 30,000 tickets within the first week. So, if you’re a fan of the genre and you happen to be in Cataluña 😉 there is no better place to be! For the complete program and list of films click here: Program

And don’t forget to join the fun, come be a Zombie! On Friday 14th the famous Sitges Zombie Walk starts at 20:30 at the Miramar building. A free beach party will follow at 22:00. I know where I’ll be this week…see you there!!

Book of the Month: ‘Kill Your Friends’ by John Niven
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It’s London 1997, the pinnacle of the Britpop era, a time when people still buy records. Steven Stelfox is a young, ambitious and extremely greedy A&R guy at a major record label, who literally kills his way to the top, all the while fueled by an enormous quantity of cocaine, booze and sleazy sex. Disillusioned by current music, he blows astronomical amounts of company cash while chasing trends and living large.

‘Kill Your Friends’ is a satire on the music industry. If you enjoyed Bret Easton Ellis ‘American Psycho’, you’ll love John Niven’s book, especially if you’re in the music business. Explicitly grotesque, utterly insulting and morbidly hilarious, I felt almost guilty for not putting it down. So good, had to read it twice.

S.O.S Galgos – Saving The Spanish Greyhound
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Spain has a bad reputation for animal cruelty. We’re all familiar with the traditional bullfighting, which has thankfully been banned in the region of Cataluña, but there is another popular sport; hare-coursing and this raises a grave issue for the nations Galgos; the Spanish greyhound.

Every year at the end of the hare-coursing season in February, thousands of greyhounds (Galgos) are abandoned or killed by their owners. They are found all over rural Spain (but for the most part in the regions of Andalucia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Madrid and Extremadura) hung by the neck from trees with their paws barely touching the ground, others have their throats slashed, some burned alive or thrown down wells.


A few weeks ago, I met with S.O.S Galgos, a charity run by Manchester native Anna Clements and her Catalan husband Albert Sordé de Uralde who help rescue and re-home around 350 greyhounds a year. These dogs have gone through hell and survived, but deeply traumatized. I had the chance to meet a really sweet Galgo who had both of it’s front legs broken and skinned raw, after being dragged by a truck. Recovering well, I’m happy to hear it’s gone to a lovely new home now. If you’d like to help in any way, please visit their website for more info:

Those that aren’t lucky enough to be rescued and somehow survive the ordeal, may end up at the municipal dog shelter in HORRIFIC conditions. According to the reports I have read and the graphic images I have seen, dogs are simply abandoned for days at a time, left in small compartments surrounded by their own excrement, with little to no food at all. Some starve to death, while others will eat each other alive. Injury and illness is left untreated, due to lack of veterinary service. And when the time comes to put the poor dogs out of their misery, instead of administering euthanasia in a dignified manner, some will be executed in a gas chamber, while others are given a cheap muscle paralyzer with no prior anesthesia causing a slow and painful death. Hopefully people will think twice before giving their pets the death sentence by dropping them off at the local shelter. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT:

The fact that humans can committee such horrific cruelty to our fellow beings makes me sick to my stomach. Violence breeds’ violence no matter what the target is.

awesome album art
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As I was going through my record collection, I began to wonder how many people out there still value the physical record. Back in the day, I literally spent my weekends at the record store, searching for new music, while admiring the artwork and interacting with others. It was like a ritual and it was sacred to me. Although, I’m the first to admit I wouldn’t be able to live without my ipod, nothing beats a trip to the store when a band I love releases a new album. People tend to forget that there’s a lot of thought (and not to mention work) put into the presentation of an album and all of that is lost in an MP3. So, here are some of my favorite covers.

AH, TECHNOLOGY…Remember this?

Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
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YES!!!!! One of my favorite female artist / musician of all time, the brilliant AMANDA PALMER (who graces the front of my home page), is back with a new album AMANDA PALMER GOES DOWN UNDER. So, make sure to pick up a copy NOW!!!! I’m assuming you’re all familiar with her and if not…shame, shame, shame. It’s never too late though, she will forever change the way you listen to music 🙂

I’ve been a supporter and a fan of her work ever since I got my hands on an advance copy of The Dresden Dolls debut (self titled) album. I was instantly blown away. Over the past six years, I’ve had the chance to interview and photograph her on numerous occasions (in Europe and the U.S), both with The Dresden Dolls and after she’s gone solo. I even had the chance to document her video shoot for ‘Leeds United’. The photos are all up here on my website, you can check them out under Personal Projects, Music/Press and Music/Live.

Amanda is fearless and intense. A true breath of fresh air! Here’s her new video for MAP OF TASMANIA 🙂

“These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”
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Looking back on this past year, I thought I should make a list of some of my highlights / all time favs. Here ya go 🙂

Album(s): AB III by Alter Bridge + Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance

Music Video: ‘Hurricane’ by 30 Seconds To Mars (the explicit/uncensored version…it’s actually a mini masterpiece)

Book: Hella Nation by Evan Wright

Film(s): Inception + Buried

TV Show: Dexter

Documentary: ‘Homeless: The Motel Kids Of Orange County’

Exhibit(s): ‘Who Shot Rock & Roll’ at Brooklyn Museum + Tim Burton at MoMA + ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ at former Tower Records NYC

Gig(s): BBK Festival Bilbao + Alter Bridge at Hammersmith Apollo London / Razzmatazz Barcelona

Record Store: Looney Tunes, West Babylon NY (best place to buy music)

Restaurant: Red Bamboo NYC

Coffee Shop: Witches Brew, West Hempstead NY (been my favorite since college)

Clothing Store(s): Topshop London + Trash and Vaudeville NYC

For Good Times: Bowlmor Lanes NYC

For Drinks: Beauty Bar NYC

Social Networking Site of Choice: Twitter

Newly Discovered Band: Djerv

Guilty Pleasure: Lady Gaga

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