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Photo Exhibit: Nadia Natario “Recuerdos De Lusitania”

If you happen to be in Barcelona and have a love for photography, great wine or delicious Portuguese pastries, drop by ‘A CASA PORTUGUESA’ on VERDI 58 in Gracia. Tonight at 20:00h is the inauguration of my new photo exhibit “RECUERDOS DE LUSITANIA”, a very personal body of work dedicated to my father; an exceptional […]

“is it too late to reverse what we’ve become?”

When I was a small child, I never enjoyed eating meat. Sometimes I remember sitting at the dinner table, sobbing into my plate, trying hard not to throw up. Back in the 70s, vegetarianism was not hip and raising a vegetarian child was pretty much taboo. So I dealt with it. But when my family […]

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